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We know what it's like to lose a pet! The nights out with your flashlights, the crawling under bushes, the desperate calls, the bags of shaken treats :(

But we also know what it's like to find your darling pet after 3 days of cold sweat and sleepless nights! 

We get posts from worried owners on our page quite often, and we thought this cause deserved more coverage. So we made a page for YOU. 

Pet Lovers Centre has created a Lost and Found tab to assist panicking pet owners - by allowing them to put up their SOS calls; and for people all around the country to come together to aid them in reuniting with their lost pets.

With the immediacy of social media, responses will be swift and updates will be continuous. This could make all the difference in your pets journey home! Success stories may also be published to help with optimism, and also to enhance your search tactics.


Let's keep our pets from wandering, and get them home ASAP. 



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Lost a pet?
Found a pet?

Submit the pet's photo and details here!

* Include a full description of the pet – name, breed, sex, size, colour and any distinguishing characteristics.

It’s useful to put a photo of your pet! Don’t forget to include your contact number or log-in with Facebook to make sure you're contactable too! :) 

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